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ANTIQUE FAIR AT NARITA in Chiba Prefecture (42) outdoor
The fair is held every month on the 28th except in April and May 2018. 7 a.m.-4 p.m. at a square in front of the main gate of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.

Shinshoji Temple of Narita is the time-honored one of the largest temple in Japan which has a history of over 1,000 years. Since the time of Edo period, the temple has attracted many believers. The convenient location to Narita International Airport allows visitors in transit to visit the temple. The temple has a strong relationship with the kabuki family Ichikawa and they are called "Narita-ya" as their house name. The first generation Ichikawa Danjuro hailed from Narita.

URL: Rakuichirakuza antiques
URL: Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
Access: Narita Station on JR Sobu Line and Narita Line (15 minutes walk)
Telephone: 0476-22-2111 (Naritasan Shinjoji Temple)/ 0476-24-3232 (Narita Tourist Bureau)


Narita-san Shinshoji Temple of Shingon Sect Japanese buddhism is one of the most popular buddhism temples in Japan. Every year, visitors to the temple on new year days are ranked among the top three of the nation.

Narita is a city in Chiba Prefecture 60 k.m. east of Tokyo. Today, the city is most known as the site of Tokyo's international airport Narita Airport. Narita gained and flourished when it became a popular pilgrimage site of Naritasan buddhist temple during the Edo period (1603-1868)

A long Omotesando (approach to the temple) is lined by numerous restaurants and stores selling traditional crafts, foods and souvenirs to pilgrims and tourists. Unagi (eel) restaurants are popular.
URL: Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

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