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YASUKUNI AUGUST 15 (The Day Japan Surrendered in 1945)

Every year when August 15 nears, messages and warnings come in from South Korea and China demanding the high officials of the Japanese government not to visit the shrine where Japanese war dead including Class A War Criminals are enshrined.

At the Yasukuni shrine, 2.5 million Japanese war dead are enshrined since the Meiji Era.

This year in 2017, Prime Minister Abe withheld visiting the shrine on August 15.

Some war veterans appear at the shrine wearing the imperial army and navy uniforms. Also groups of right wing nationalists are seen creating tense atmospheres in and around the shrine.

At the Budokan Hall which is located across the street to Yasukuni Shrine, The 72nd Memorial Ceremony for the War Dead is held inviting 6,000 people with the attendances of Emeror and Empress as well as Prime Minister near noon. People also visit Yasukuni after the ceremony at Budokan is finished at 1 p.m. Kitanomaru Park where Budokan is located will become off-limits from 5 p.m. August 14 to 1 p.m. August 15.

URL: Yasukuni Shrine
Address: 3-1-1 Kudanshita, Chiyoda-ku
Access: Kudanshita Station on Subway Tozai Line and Hanzomon Line. 5 minutes walk.
Telephone: 03-3261-8326

(All photos on August 15 in 2016)

New way of cooling air though it was not very effective.

72 years have passed since the end of the war and people who experienced and
know the war are disappearing. Yasukuni Shrine is facing a serious problem.

Along the street from Kudanshita Subway Exit to Yasukuni Shrine are many activists appealing their causes and passing leaflets to Yasukuni visitors.

Radhabinod Pal was an Indian jurist and was a judge at the Tokyo Tribunal. He was the only
one who submitted a judgement which insisted all defendants were not guilty.

He is asking for people's signatures to change the constitution.

Books about "true history of Japan"

Quotes from the old newspapers as evidences that the comfort women claimed by South Korea is not true.

A former imperial army soldier appealing goodness of the imperial instructions for soldiers.

This man continued to come to Yasukuni on this day for 30 years and used to be a leader of a soldiers parade. He became 92 years old and cannot continue what he used to do and just sits here all day on August 15. He owns a private war museum at Nasu in Tochigi Prefecture.

People of Taiwan Civil Government parade at Yasukuni. They claim Japanese education before the war was not wrong and they want to belong to Japan again as a federal state.

Right wing group people.

Right wing group people. Banners say "Unite Japanese under the emperor." "Nanjing Massacres are not true" etc.

A group of right wing intellectuals holds a meeting every year on this day at Yasukuni

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