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Chiaki Mukai (her maiden name Naito) is the first Japanese astronaut who flew into space on two separate flights - first in 1988 on Columbia and second in 1994 on Discovery and successfully carried out many experiments within the space shuttle. The museum introduce you her personal history, her works in space, the space shuttle, along with the wonders of the universe. She was born in Tatebayashi and lived here until the second grade of Daiichi Junior High School. Then, she moved to a school in Tokyo with her desire she wanted to become a doctor. (from the museum phmphlet)

The museum is equipped with planetalum, science laboratory, workshop, a library, an electron microscope etc., which can be used to carry out science experiments and find more new and exciting science discoveries.
(from the museum phmphlet)

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Address: 2-2 Shiromachi, Tatebayashi
Open: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (closed Mon, days after national holidays and new year days)
Access: Tatebayashi Station on Tobu Isezaki Line
Admission: 320 yen plus planetarium extra 540 yen
Telephone: 0276-75-1515 (Mukai Chiaki Commemorative Children's Science Museum)