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From the middle of April through to the beginning of May, over fifty varieties of azaleas, some 10,000 plants in all, are in bloom. Among them are old trees and plants more than four meters tall, and a group of giant Yamatsutsuji azaleas that are more than 800 years old, a variety not found elsewhere in the world. The place is specified as scenic place of Japan. (from Tatebayashi Tourism Association Pamphlet)

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Address: 3278 Hanayama-cho, Tatebayashi
Access: 40 minutes walk from Tatebayashi Station on Tobu Isezaki Line (shuttle bus during the azalea festival period April 10-May 10 Accoring to the garden, the azaleas are putting flowers earlier this year and in full bloom as of April 15, 2018.
Admission: 620 yen
Telephone: 0276-74-5233 (Tatebayashi Azalea Park)