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Kasai Shrine Grand Festival
Kanamachi, Katsushika-ku
Sept. 17 and 18

The shrine was founded in 1185 as a guardian shrine of the region. The shrine is located close by the Edogawa River which seperates Tokyo from Chiba Prefecture. The shrine is the head shrine of eleven towns in the region. It is believed Kasai Shrine is the origin of "Kasai Bayashi" traditional festival music played with "fue" (flutes), "kane" (gongs) and "taiko" (drums). Kasai Bayashi festival music is widely popular in Kanto district.

The grand festival of Kasai Shrine is held every three years and one of the two shrine mikoshi parades the parish town leaving the shrine at 8 a.m.. This year 2016 falls on a major festival year.
Address: 6-10-5 Toganecho, Katsushika-ku
Access: 15 minutes walk from Kanamachi Station on JR Joban Line.
Telephone: 03-3607-4560 (Kasai Shrine)