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Iruma Air Base is located in the north west of Tokyo covering parts of Iruma City and Sayama City of Saitama Prefecture. Close to the base, Seibu Railroad's Ikebukuro Line runs and it is 40 to 50 minutes by train to the central Tokyo. The air base is in charge of air defenses of Tokyo metropolitan area, Chubu Nagoya area and Osaka with 18 troops and about 4,300 staffs stationing. Iruma plays an important role of logistics. The base keeps 50 aircrafts mostly for transportation purposes and does not have fighters. The transport aircrafts here carry about 85,000 personnels a year and fly supplies of 2,500 tons. The base also has a command of air rescue squadrons which assist and support people in natural disasters. Before the war, at the Iruma airfield was the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force Academy and it was used for trainings.
After the war, U.S. Air Force used the base renaming it as Johnson Air Base. The base was returned to Japan in 1958 to Japan Air Self Defence Force.

Today, Iruma Air Base is known widely among Japanese people as a base where JASDF's aviation team Blue Impulse performs acrobatic flights at the base festival every year on November 3. The event attracted 240,000 visitors in 2015.

Displayed aircrafts: C-1, U-4, T-4, U-125, YS-11FC, CH-47J, F-15J, F-2, U125A, UH-60J , T-7, T-400, C130H, AH-1S, OH-6, UH-1, SH-60J, C-12, UH-1

Access: Inariyama Koen Station on Seibu Ikebukuro Line
Telephone: 04-2953-6131 (Iruma Base Public Relations)


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