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Fussa City, Western Suburbs of Tokyo
(Aug. 1 through 4 in 2019)
First Fussa Tanabata Matsuri was held in 1951 when the population of the city was 15,000 (58,000 as of July, 2016). . Origin of the festival is the famous Sendai's Tanabata Festival in Miyagi Prefecture. A then-official of Fussa City visited the Festival of Sendai and was greatly impressed by the beauty of Sendai Tanabata and brought it to Fussa for the development of the local shopping district and as a summer event of the city.
Today, the Fussa's Tanabata Festival expanded and has become one of the most popular summer event in western suburbs of Tokyo.

URL: Fussa Tanabata Matsuri
Access: Fussa Station on JR Ome Line (40 minutes from Shinjuku)
Telephone: 042-551-1699/ 042-552-2405 (during the festival)

(Photos below were taken on the second day of the festival on August 5 on Friday, 2016)

Tanabata Decorations

Mikoshi and Dashi Floats

Tanabata Dancers