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Scene 1 The Beginning

Purification of the stage with salt.

Enma Daioh (Ruler of Hell and Justice) and Kushoshin (Secretary to Enma Daioh) appear on the stage.
Bosses of Hell line up on the stage. They are Enma Daioh, Kushoshin, Datsueba (the old hag of Hell), Red Devil and Black Devil. A mouja (deceased) is brought in before them for a trial. Enma orders Kushoshin to verify the person. Kushoshin carefully examines the face of the mouja lighting his face with a mirror and answers Enma Daioh "This is certainly an arch-villain and did many bad things in life."

Scene 2 Sai no Kawara

Sai no Kawara is the edge of the Sanzu no Kawa (a river which lies between the first and second judges of Hell). Children who died before their parents are punished for causing grief of their parents here. Children put up pebbles to build pagodas in appreciation for their parents but before the piled up pebbles reach any small height, they are knocked down by the devils. Then Jizo Bosatsu (Guardian deity of children) appears and saves the children.

Scene 3 Kama Yude

Punishment in a cauldron of hot water

Scene 4 Last Journey

Devils and Datsueba mercilessly attack the mouja (the dead but who have not attained Buddhahood). Then Kannon Bosatsu (Buddhist deity of mercy and compassion) appears and saves the mouja. The devils destroys sotoba (grave tablet) of the mouja in chagrin that the mouja was saved and acquired Buddhahood by Kannon.

Kosaiji Temple and Musho Village